Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End is Nigh

Less than a month now, and the wait is almost over. I've been doing a lot of preparing for this trip. Financial, physical, and mental -- the latter being the most difficult to manage. In my haste to divorce myself from the mundane and routine, I can't help but think that I will miss it all. Especially those of you in my life, those of you who bring the laughter, the conversation and the love I feel when communing with you. I'm also going to do my best to keep in touch with you guys via internet technology and antiquated post card delivery services.

Speaking of delivery services, I was almost run over by an irate USPS truck driver in South Boston this weekend; conversely, that was not the worst thing to happen that day. Mr. Alexander Hardy and I were planning a nice 90 mile ride through the beautiful countryside of towns like Concord, Harvard, Bolton, Berlin, etc. Yet, a defect derailed our trip just outside of Watertown and forced us to take a train to our final destination. After rigorous inspection of the tire/rim and a trip to a local bike shop, we departed the next day towards Boston with the hopes of a flawless tire. This was not to be. After several miles, I had to exchange my fourth inner-tube in two days. With no other choice than to push forward, I had to ride with a constantly deflating tire. This mental agony of actively knowing your bike is failing you with every passing second can make for a stressful ride. After many stops and cursing with every pump during refills, I was reminded that this will be nothing compared to the trials and tribulations that I must face during my trip. The trip was also topped off with a failing bar end shifter mount. It wasn't the best trip, yet I felt I needed these imperfections to better prepare me for what lies ahead.

Until then, I must remember to appreciate the gifts I have right now: my friends, my dog, work, enjoying Severson's "Ethics and Film" class, and all other pleasures that warmer weather can bring.


Nicole Kendra Mazzeo said...

I think Clem (and everyone else) would appreciate if she were first on the list of gifts. Thanks.

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