Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 24: Marshfield, MO to Everton, MO (57 Miles)

Somehow, I slept in this morning. I'm not sure if I consciously ignored my alarm clock or I accidentally muffled the noise with a shirt or pillow... in any case, we got started a little later than I would have liked. Knowing we had a shorter day, we decided not to sweat it too much. I took off a little early to fulfill my coffee fix and use a public restroom. I took about three sips of java before it tumbled onto the the sidewalk. Not caring too much, I found it to be a sign to get biking.

I caught up with the boys for breakfast in Fair Grove, where a transvestite waitress served us. She really took a liking to Callum and I, touching us on any given chance. After downing some eggs and being groped by a transgender, we rode onward towards Everton. In spite of the promise of a short ride, I found the day to be very challenging. The last hills of Missouri was laid before me and my muscles decided that they didn't want to cooperate in my journey west. I lost pace with my friends from across the pond and the heat decided to shift from moderate to oppressive. I stopped at a family-run diner in Walnut Grove and hid in the shade for a while longer. Feeling somewhat refreshed, I continued my excessive perspiration. Along the way, I ran into two riders from Colorado, Kristen & Mark (who had striking resemblances to my friends Sarah Campbell and Justin Coffey). They're biking for Invisible Children (

Crawling into Everton a bit past tea time, I asked a local mechanic where I could find the local hunting lodge. He directed me down a mile of precarious dirt roads to find an oasis in the middle of Nowhere, MO. The Running Spring Farm really reminds me of Mee Maw and Pop Pop's place on Lake Gaston, NC. I found the boys relaxing and enjoying the luxuries provided. It only costed 20 dollars for the night's stay and this was a steal, to say the least. Dowds cooked us a delicious pasta dinner, Chris made us some dessert, and I did the dishes. We're going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing our muscles, chatting, and playing checkers.


Sarah said...

Noah, Bryan and I are thinking of and praying for you!

-Sarah Campbell

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