Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 5: Rest Day in Lexington, VA (0 Miles)

Looks like I picked a good day for stopping... it's raining felines and canines outside. I (relatively) slept in late this morning and hung out in the motel lobby for a bit, where the owner said "Happy Birthday" to me and gave me a donut. I spent a good amount time uploading yesterday's blog and talking with friends/family on the phone. Afterward, I met three guys from the UK who were taking 3 months to bike from Maryland to California. Chris, Dowds, and Callum are attempting to average 60 miles a day and can be followed from this here web log: They're friends who met at University and are on summer break and are biking for the fun of it, oh and for Motor Neurone Disease. It was nice to meet others to swap stories from the road and talk over logistics.

Oh, and as a matter of coincidence: Callum's birthday is today as well.

I spent the rest of the morning watching some silly movie with Jack Nicholson as a werewolf, tweaking my front derailleur and waiting out for the rain to shift from torrential to sprinkles so that I could ride out into town this afternoon. I got bored/hungry and ordered in some Chinese food, just about the same time Chris came by and told me they were walking over for the buffet. I didn't mind the bad timing though, I'm not one for walking down busy streets in the midst of rain storm. After a full belly, I took an obligated post-feast nap and woke up to surf some channels and I discovered something. I think I now know why FOX News is labeled "America's #1 Trusted News Source." Apparently, it's the only news source available on most television sets I've encountered in the south. Flipping through, I noticed the complete absence of competition. Sounds pretty unfair and unbalanced, doesn't it?

Anyways, political tirade aside... the rain gave up it's relentless attack on the ground towards the evening and the fellow cyclists and I took a walk down to the local theater to catch a flick. Sadly, the only films being shown were Michael Bay's masterpiece "Transformers 2," Sandra Bullock's swan song, and the numberless sequel to the "Ice Age" franchise. We chose the lesser of the evils and watched the animated film. It was pretty harmless, albeit anachronistic, and the always reliable Simon Pegg brought on a few laughs. Afterwards, we stopped off at Parking In Rear, but they stopped serving food right before we arrived... then I called it an early evening to return to my room for leftovers as the trio went in search for food. On my walk back to the motel, I was treated to a beautiful natural fireworks display beside a creek. Hundreds of fireflies sporadically infused their bulbs in synchronous fashion. It was a wonderful end to a good birthday. Now I'm going to pack up before falling asleep, so that I may get off early (I've got many miles to cover tomorrow). Cheers!


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