Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ombrophilous, Obeliscolychny and Oneiric Oregon Coast

I've spent that past two days exploring the Oregon coast on my bicycle, which has been ripe with gorgeous sea vistas, foggy mornings, delicious seafood, and a considerable amount of overweight white tourists. I've only seen brief glimpses of this rugged coastal region in classic Hollywood films like "The Goonies," "Kindergarten Cop," "Point Break," and "Free Willy." Having spent only two days on the coast, I wish I could have another week to take in the sights, smells, and sounds of this beautiful area. Nevertheless, I am also very grateful to return home very soon. My flight lands in Boston on Tuesday evening, but I'll be away from Quincy for most of Wednesday. I hope to find time to catch up with you all and hear about your very own adventures soon! Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos:


Momma said...

Wow Blake, what beautiful photograph's!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get your butt back here!!!!!!!!!!!!
A big THANK YOU to Patsy and Bob Klein for taking care of you and making sure you get home safely!!!!!!
Love, Momma

Anonymous said...

Blake, I started following your adventure after the Virginian-Pilot carried the information about your visit and commencement. It was truly inspirational and intriguing to follow your days on the blog, and wonder at the awesome vistas you were able to experience. I wanted so desperately to help your cause and be an encouragement to you, but my family is experiencing some profound hardships financially and we couldn't give our resources. We prayed every day for your safety and provision, for strength and resolve to finish what you so bravely started! The pix of your Pacific dip brought tears to the eyes!
Thanks for sharing your adventure, your struggles, your loneliness, and your triumph in such a public way! You have been an inspiration in more ways than you can know!
Chesapeake, VA

may said...

Blake, I'm so glad you got to see the beautiful coast! Your pictures are wonderful. I wish I was there.

Clem has been especially nuts lately. She must sense you're coming home soon. I wish I could witness your reunion. You should have someone record it. )

Amelia said...

Oh emm gee... I'm getting on my bike right now and going to Oregon.

Kerri Piette said...

Congrats to you, Blake! What a great personal accomplishment but also for a cause very dear to my own heart....Vicki has been keeping me up to date on your adventure...I am an MdL lover and live in the Boston area...when you get back, lets get together! I would love to work with you to raise funds for Kevin, Evelyn, Yorleni, Dilma, Lala, Nuno, Nicole, Celestina, Fanny, Ricardo, Angel, Jose , Abi, Tania, Leyla, and all the rest of the kids!

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