Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Bridge of Sand

I would not mind waking up to this every morning. I'm sleeping in my tent on the beach for the next few days and every aspect of this environment is conducive towards sound-sleeping, in spite of sticky sleeping bags and deflating Therm-A-Rest roll ups. The rhythmic repetition of the tides and the slow & gentle waking of a rising sun allows for the most ideal start of the day.

After a delicious cup of java provided by Cecile, I went out with Danny in some sea kayaks and chased after a family of dolphins in the midst of a feeding frenzy. I then went "kayurfing" (also know as kayak surfing) with Nate and had several tough spills, one including a face plant into the sand followed by a horrific collision with a kayak barrelling down on me. It's only 2 o'clock in the afternoon and it already feels like it's quitting time. I really appreciate the act of rising early with the sun. It's as though my biological clock is more in tune with the earth's rotation, than the rudimentary 8 hour shifts, 5 day work-weeks, etc., etc. I'm looking forward to having 2 months of strict sleeping habits and see how it affects me psychologically and physically. Alright, my creative writing juices are virtually non-existent right now, so I'm going to slowly back away from the keyboard for the time being...

Oh, but I did want to say this: I already miss you all so very much, in spite of only being away for a few days. You people are the world to me. (Please give Clem my love).


Philip Oliver said...

Enjoy the weather man... I'd love a good long day in the ocean. You're not missing anything weather wise up here!

Nicole Kendra Mazzeo said...

I am very glad to see that you're using the new camera. Thank you for the picture updates!

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