Saturday, June 27, 2009

Homeward Bound

It's been a while since I've been home. Now I say "home," because Virginia Beach is the only geographical location that holds the most memorable times of my life, in spite of my current homestead. Moving around a lot, jumping from school to school, and blocking out most memories from Uxbridge High School leaves me with a warm familiarity for this popular east coast tourist trap. Maybe it's because I was concieved, created, and raised in these sand-swept streets... that I've developed such an affection.

The drive down was somewhat bearable due to the accompaniment of Sands and several funky CD mixes. In tow were Rusty and Amy, by way of Worcester. I was attempting to capture some fun images with a new camera (which was graciously lended to me for the duration of my trip from a very generous friend named Nicole) and all I could come up with were odd street signs and a gun store aptly entitled "GUNS!". There was this one guy that drove by on a pimped out motorcycle, fully equipped with a disco ball and shag carpeting... I kid you not. Sadly, I was unable to coax out the camera from the confines of my pocket in time to capture this awesomeness occuring in front of me.

After a late dinner and conversation with Grandma & Gramps, I tucked in early to wake up for a sunrise ride. It was nice to just cruise the boardwalk again, especially before the heavy tourist traffic of midday. I also had a little newspaper interview for a local paper, which was awkward. I can freely write about myself on this blog; however, when it comes to talking out loud about my actions and/or thoughts... I start to blush like a Catholic schoolgirl. Today we're packing up and heading down to Sandbridge. I'm going to bike down and take full advantage of the sunshine (which has been batantly absent from New England these past few weeks).

I'm looking forward to these few days of reprieve before my departure in Yorktown. It will be great to spend time with cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents, and siblings. Not to mention the cleansing embrace of the Atlantic Ocean. Life's a beach. Sometimes. Mostly in the summer.


Nicole Kendra Mazzeo said...

I forgot to tell you: I really like this photo of the bike.


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